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MB Free Reflexology is a combination software which teaches you the basics of the two types
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10 March 2008

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If one wants to practice shiatsu self massage and reflexology—two types of touch therapy healing, then one can use this free software to help in getting the pressure points and massage techniques right. It also teaches the basics as well as the more advanced nuances of these two techniques.

If one has an instructor helping out with these healing techniques or even if one does not have any instructor (since they are supposed to be self help techniques), one can use this program to get the things right. Shiatsu massages and reflexology can help in preventing minor ailments and also help in improving the general physical health in addition to toning the muscles a bit and improving blood circulation. Apart from healing minor ailments, one can also do these exercises to relax and de-stress after a long day’s work. Try out these exercises and see the positive difference that they make to one’s physical health.

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MB Free Reflexology is a combination software which teaches you the basics of the two types of touch therapy healing – reflexology and shiatsu self massage. The program is extremely simple and very useful for people of all ages who would like to practice and learn the self healing methods. It is an advanced yet handy software that provides information on every aspect of reflexology and shiatsu self massage. MB Free Reflexology thus, clearly points out the different pressure points all over our body, which are associated with different ailments. Following the software, it will not be difficult even for a novice to learn the basics of practicing these two holistic therapies. Thus you can many a time predict impending internal disorders and prevent malfunctioning of body's systems and cure diseases with the help of MB Free Reflexology. Apart from the normal healing effect, MB Free Reflexology also aims at providing relaxation to reverse the effects of our regular life stress and strains.
MB Free Reflexology
MB Free Reflexology
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